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Water resources management

is designed as a specialisation to the Applied and Environmental Geology study programme 

The specialisation features

  • Lectures given by professionals with work experience from relevant companies 
  • Cooperation with companies during bachelor thesis research
  • Access to excellent scientific software and instruments
  • Placement in an industry-relevant company during the studies 
  • Field trips to important localities 
  • Focus on each individual student

Field trips and lectures are designed in cooperation with industry-involved professionals. Thus, students learn to solve the same problems and apply the same methodological approach that will later be utilised in professional practice. Practical skills are further refined during placements in companies.

In specialised courses, the work with modern software is incorporated to teach the students how to approach environmental and water management related problems through computer model development. For these purposes, a well-equipped computer laboratory is at disposal to the students. The programme also incorporates courses on legislation in water management, groundwater preservation, public health, exploration and others. Model projects utilising the skills learned in these courses are constructed by the students.

As a succesfull graduate, you will have gained theoretical knowledge, practical skills and proficiency in applying relevant methods. All of this makes you an ideal candidate for employment in private companies or national institutions which operate in the fields of hydrogeology, mining, engineering geology or construction. Graduates specialised in this manner are highly competitive at the labour market and considering the global politics and resource and environmental issues, their competitiveness will yet grow in the future. Our graduates find employment not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in other countries all over the world.

Companies employing our graduates:

  • AQUA ENVIRO s.r.o.
  • AQUATEST a.s.                                 
  • AnteaGroup                                      
  • AZ GEO s.r.o.                                     
  • Česká geologická služba              
  • DIAMO s.p.                                        
  • EPS biotechnology s.r.o.               
  • ENVI-AQUA s.r.o.                           
  • ENVIREX s.r.o.                                  
  • GEOBE s.r.o.                                      
  • GEODRILL s.r.o.                              
  • GEOMIN s.r.o.                                   
  • GEOSTAR s.r.o.                                 
  • GeoTec-GS a.s.                                
  • GEOtest a.s.                                      
  • Green Gas DPB a.s.                        
  • H3Geo s.r.o.                                      
  • HS geo s.r.o.                                     
  • MND a.s.                                            
  • MŽP ČR                                                
  • Vodní zdroje Ekomonitor s.r.o. 
  • Vodní zdroje Chrudim s.r.o.       
  • RWE Gas Storage CZ                      
  • SG Geotechnika a.s.                      
  • SUJB                                                    
  • SURAO                                               

Many graduates also build an independent business based on their professional qualification. 

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