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Rules for granting scholarships from the specific research project “Geological, geodynamic and environmental processes at the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif”

Department od Geological Sciences, Faculty of Science MU, 2018


A Fundamental provisions

  • 1 Scholarships are intended to support publishing efforts of students beyond the scope of the duties related to their study programme. 
  • 2 Scholarships will only be awarded for verifiable contribution and activity of students (this means scientific publication, giving lectures or presenting posters on international conferences etc. - published work and conference abstracts must be uploaded into the IS as a record of publication with an RIV conversion).
  • 3 Scholarships will be confirmed and awarded only after the specific article/contribution has been published. Under exceptional circumstances, scholarships may be awarded after the article has been accepted for print (this applies to some IF journals with a substantial publication delay) or after succesful performance at a conference/scientific event. The applicant (author) must state the Department of Geology, Faculty of Science MU as their affiliated institution.
  • 4 Submitting an application does not signify that scholarships will be awarded automatically
  • 5 The financial amount awarded will be decided upon after the reception and assessment of scholarship applications. Scholarships awarded in relation with a conference attendance are primarily meant to cover conference fees and may not cover all conference-related expenses. In cases where many IF publications have been produced, scholarships may not be awarded for conference attendance. 
  • 6 Any applications concerning articles published in reviewed journals that have, at the same time, been submitted as coursework in elective courses (G6031 Bachelor's thesis publication and G9031 Diploma thesis publication) will be discarded from the assessment process.
  • 7 A single record of a published work/result in the IS corresponds to one scholarship application. Duplicate applications will be discarded. Multiple applications can only be submitted by one student for separate pieces of their work. 
  • 8 In cases where separate applications are submitted by individual members of an author collective, a corresponding sum of money will be divided adequately among the members of the collective.
  • 9 Multiple abstracts submitted for a single conference will be viewed as a single scholarship application.
  • 10 If a large number of valid requests are submitted that require finances above the allocated sum for scholarhips, the sum awarded may not be equal to the sum awarded for comparable submissions in other rounds of the application collection process or in previous years. 
  • 11 Scholarships will be awarded twice a year.

B Assessment of submissions for scholarship awards

The quality of your submissions and the corresponding financial sum awarded will be assessed according to the following criteria, ordered according to their importance:

  1. Article published in an IF journal. Assessment criteria: journal's quartile in a given category on the WoS, journal's IF value, and the applicant's placement in the list of authors. 
  2. Article published in a journal belonging to the Scopus database of international reviewed publications. The type of journal as well as the applicant's placement in the list of authors will also be assessed.
  3. Extended abstract from a conference contribution published in a compilation kept in the WoS or Scopus database. 
  4. Reviewed article published in a journal which is listed in the RVV list od reviewed, non-impacted periodicals. The assessment criteria include the scientific area category, journal type and the applicant's placement in the list of authors.
  5. Pieces of work published in the Registry of information on results (RIV). The quality of work and well as the applicant's placement in the list of authors will be assessed.
  6. Other reviewed pieces of published work. The quality of work and well as the applicant's placement in the list of authors will be assessed.
  7. Active conference attendance. The impact of the conference, number and type of contributions (presentation, poster), applicant's engagement and their placement in the list of authors will be assessed. 
  8. Other specific research contributions. This may include lectures given at scientific seminars, workshops and popularisation activities, implementing new methods, patterns or patents etc. Such submissions will be assessed based on the event's importance of the type of the contribution. 

C Applications

Application forms must be submitted. Please donwload the document on the Institute's website (

A filled out publication record accessible in the ISS must be appended to the application, printed and submitted alongside. Other documents may be requested (in case of conferences, a record of conference expenses).

Applications must be submitted no later than at 12:00, May 31 (Spring submissions) and 12:00, September 30 (Autumn submissions).

Submissions must be delivered to the secretary's office at the Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, MU. Applicants are only responsible for obtaining their supervisor's statement and signature.

Responsible staff members: Mgr. Martin Knížek, Ph.D. and doc. Mgr. Radek Škoda, Ph.D.

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