Research Strategy

The long-term strategy of Dept. of Geological Sciences in the area of research includes progress in the following three aspects, all of which have a long-standing tradition at the department and correspond to the research teams with various degrees of formalization:

- The comprehensive research in fundamental geological processes of minerals, rocks and ore deposits formation; focus on both fundamental and applied research (crystal chemistry, systematic mineralogy and endogenic mineralization; crystalline rock petrology; specialization in uranium deposits and critical resources; fluid inclusion and ore mineralisation research).

- The formation, development and deformation of sedimentary complexes of ages spanning from the Palaeozoic to the Quaternary, palaeoclimate and palaeoenvironment research (stratigraphy of the Palaeozoic, stratigraphy, palaeontology and sedimentology of Cenozoic rocks; research on deformation in brittle and ductile materials; interdisciplinary research of the Quaternary).

- Exogenous geological and geochemical processes, anthropogenic impacts, applied geology and hydrogeology (geochemistry of exogenous processes and geoenvironmental studies; comprehensive research of karst processes and karst protection; hydrogeology and groundwater geochemistry, groundwater contamination, groundwater preservation, hydrogeological modelling and geomechanics; geoarcheological provenance studies, technical petrology and mineralogy, construction materials.

- Interdisciplinary research directions of the Dept. have a special position and a dynamic development. These are Geoarcheological provenance studies, Comprehensive research of karst processes and karst protection, and Multidisciplinary research of the Quaternary.

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