Laboratory of Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis

CAMECA SX100 electron microprobe

CAMECA SX100 electron microprobe


  • 5 WD spectrometers, 1 ED spectrometer, BSE, SE and CL detectors
  • the instrument is equipped with an optical microscope for observation in transmitted and reflected light (even polarized)
  • measurement is possible B-U, but F-U as standard
  • the examined object can be observed in backscattered electrons (BSE), secondary electrons (SE), cathodoluminescence (CL) and reflected or transmitted light
  • objects are analyzed by non-destructive chemical methods (WDS)
  • elements from F to U can be measured (if necessary also O, N, C and B)
  • detection limits from tens to hundreds of ppm
  • measuring objects up to several µm
  • orientation analysis using energy dispersion spectroscopy EDS
  • point and area analyzes, point profiles
  • composite element maps and line profiles


  • research institutes, engineering and geological subjects, mining and environmental companies
  • development and production of materials based on glass, metal alloys, etc.
  • construction and remediation companies (analyzes of building materials, degradation of building materials, inorganic pigments)
  • archeology
  • measurement and examination of biological material of human or animal origin


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Price list

Electron microanalysis
Electron microanalysis 1200 CZK / hour
Application of conductive layer
(one series) *
 900 CZK
Electron microscopy
Electron microscope 1000 CZK / hour
Application of conductive layer  900 CZE

* application of graphite or gold, price for 4 cuts

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JEOL 6490 LV scanning electron microscope

JEOL 6490 LV scanning electron microscope


  • operation in low and high vacuum mode, even for non-plated samples
  • BSE, SE, LV-SE detector
  • 4x-300,000x, real 4x-50,000x magnification
  • ED spectrometer LN2-free
  • surface morphology and microanalysis of 3D samples of minerals and rocks in secondary and backscattered electrons
  • chemical non-destructive methods
  • study of elemental distribution and creation of distribution maps
  • study of surface structures of macro- and microfossils
  • imaging of defects in processed materials
  • study of surface morphology and composition of corrosion products


  • microanalysis of archaeological artifacts
  • analysis of microparticles in atmospheric aerosols
  • study of biological materials
  • examination of surface morphology and chemical composition of selected types of industrial waste
  • study of surface structures, composition and elemental distribution in body concrements for medical purposes


 Elektronová mikroanalýza 
 Elektronová mikroanalýza  1200 Kč/hod.
 Nanesení vodivé vrstvy
(jedna série)*
 900 Kč
 Elektronová mikroskopie
 Elektronový mikroskop  1000 Kč/hod.
 Nanesení vodivé vrstvy  900 Kč

 * nanesení grafitu nebo zlata, cena za 4 výbrusy

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Other equipment

Other equipment:


Edwards vacuum sprayer

  • modernised vacuum unit equipped with a turbomolecular pump
  • the application of a homogeneous graphite layer is ensured by a system of double rotation and tilting of the sample sufficiently far from the carbon electrodes

Emitech K950X vacuum sprayer

  • vacuum system with turbomolecular pump
  • fast application of the graphite layer without major demands on homogeneity

Emscope vacuum magnetron sprayer

  • application of Au or Al layer mainly for electron microscopy

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